What is networked growth?

A relationship-driven approach to managing growth and sustainability over time

Networked growth is a relationship-driven approach to one’s work that supports the growth and sustainability over time of both organizations and individual professionals. We live in a world where the time spent engaging with others and participating in communities digitally is rapidly accelerating. Many of us now spend more time engaging in digital communities than physical ones. However, there are different best practices for building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships in a digital format that many of us have not had the opportunity to learn and don’t know how to efficiently build digital networks at scale. We are still mostly building and managing our digital networks and relationships the same way that we used to with those we interacted with regularly in person. 

Why is this my focus?

After years of taking a networked growth approach to managing my own personal and professional relationships, I realized some of the efficiency I had developed tracking the growth of my network could benefit others. I started Grow Together to support both organizations and individuals in learning how to drive their mobility and sustainability by taking a more personal and relationship-focused approach. 

Who benefits from adopting a networked growth approach?

The answer is anyone–whether entrepreneurs, organizations, teams, or individuals. By adding value to those they are in relationship with, an organization, team, or individual will build a foundation of support for future opportunities to grow and sustain their enterprise over time. People who are invested in the success of others as a part of their own growth and development especially benefit from adopting this approach. Teams that already view themselves as adding value to those they serve will benefit greatly from learning how to take a networked growth approach in a more strategic way. 

Often organizations and teams (and even individuals) are on board conceptually, but we find that they get stuck with how to implement, especially when workflow and other tactical components need to change to accommodate network building. This is where Grow Together can help. Interested? Get in touch and let’s grow together.

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