Strengthen your network
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Organization or Team Implementation

We can help, whether you have a specific operational challenge or want to shift your strategy holistically.


Our Grow Together consulting team will come into your organization to analyze strengths and potential in your existing network.


We will learn from your unique early successes and ongoing wins to inform an operational strategy that leverages a networked growth approach.


We will work with key team leaders and staff at all levels to help your front facing teams position themselves to operate as network builders.


We want to maintain a relationship with you and your team, providing continued resources, encouragement, and community connections.

Targeted Challenge: Address a Critical Need

We leverage a design-thinking facilitation process to ensure the needs of your customers and your business are centered in the solutions we create together. Whatever your goals—growth, transformation, or sustainability—our team partners with yours to see your transition through.

Transformation Partnership

We work with the entire organization to address multiple high-priority challenges. Specific items may include goal setting and trajectory planning, operational reviews, customer-centered change management, and more.

In our discovery conversations, we will work to co-create a specific transformation structure that supports your unique needs. You will partner with a team of Grow Together consultants supporting you every step of the way. Your team will have access to the larger Network Builders Community of Practice focused on integrating a networked growth approach in their work.

Timeline: 6-12 months

Strategic Initiative Partnership

We work with your organization on applying a networked growth model to a single challenge that is a strategic priority. Components may include building team alignment, facilitating a values-focused assessment of products and services, redefining customer engagement processes, resetting growth accountability metrics, and more.

Timeline: 10-12 weeks

Case Study: Coming soon

Capability Building Partnership

We facilitate dedicated cohorts of the Network Builders program to help your team grow their capability and establish a shared customer-centric mindset. Your team will actively participate in the larger Network Builders Community of Practice and have continued access to resources, connections, and support over time.

Timeline: 6 weeks

Leadership Support & Executive Coaching

For small or early-stage companies needing leadership support with innovating and operating a networked growth approach, we offer executive coaching support to ensure you have a thought partner working on establishing a growth trajectory and operating model for your team. Only available for a few select clients per year.

Timeline: 3-6 month coaching assignments

Case Study: Coming soon

Holistic Change: Join the Grow Together Network

We help you and your team to quickly and effectively implement an organization-wide networked growth approach, including strategy, operational planning, implementation support, and training.

Our goal is to quickly and effectively get you positioned to work differently, empowering your team to move from innovation to optimization of a networked growth approach.

Both during and after the process, your organization will have access to Grow Together’s global community of organizational network builders (Network Builders Community of Practice) as well as resources for continual learning. 

Chelsea provided expertise, frameworks, and context that propelled our team to more than double our monthly revenue within six months while building sustainable growth strategies that align with our values and clients’ needs.

Liz Gross, CEO, Campus Sonar

Let’s build something great together.

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