Networked growth
for organizations and individuals

We work with organizations and individuals on incorporating a relationship-driven approach to ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

What is networked growth?

Networked growth is taking a relationship-driven approach to your growth and sustainability over time. By adding value to those you (an individual or an organization) are in relationship with (customers, partners), you help to create an environment of opportunity and success.

Who benefits?

Everyone! In particular, those invested in the success of others as a part of their own growth and development benefit most from formally integrating this approach.

Who we work with?

We work with all types of organizations, teams, entrepreneurs, and individual practitioners.


Targeted or Holistic Consulting Support

We can help, whether you have a specific operational challenge or want to shift your strategy holistically. Learn more about how we work with organizations.


Learning Program & Community

Training on how to integrate a networked growth approach both to build greater resilience to disruption and to nurture opportunity. Learn more about the program.

Integrate a networked growth approach into your professional and personal life both to build greater resilience to change, disruption, and uncertainty and to nurture opportunity. Learn more about Network Builders.

Open to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, freelancers, and individuals seeking professional (and personal) development opportunities.

Sample Client Success

Success for Organizations

Dr. Liz Gross, CEO of Campus Sonar, incorporated a networked growth approach to support a key growth year for her company during which they needed to expand the number of customer partners finding value in their expertise and services. One year later, the team is focused on network building, adding value to those they serve, and ensuring their products and services are helping their clients reach their desired future state. This change in approach has resulted in both doubled revenue numbers and simultaneous higher customer retention and satisfaction rates.

Chelsea provided expertise, frameworks, and context that propelled our team to more than double our monthly revenue within six months while building sustainable growth strategies that align with our values and clients’ needs.

Liz Gross, CEO, Campus Sonar

Success for Individuals

Janiva Cifuentes-Hiss learned how to become an intentional network builder after participating in an individual learning cohort facilitated by Grow Together. She was between jobs and looking for an opportunity where she could leverage her strengths, do work that aligned with her values, and also gave her time with her family and friends. Following the program, she successfully found and started a new job. The skills she learned will continue to benefit her as she continues to manage her career using a networked growth mindset. 

The Network Builders approach to networking for career change is accessible, fun and applicable, without feeling overwhelming. I was lucky enough to join the Network Builders experience at a crucial moment in my career. It is so rewarding to be a part of a cohort of supportive professionals and experienced facilitators. Together we developed skills and more importantly a mindset and roadmap to success.

By putting the Network Builders principles into action, I immediately started seeing results and started making connections with confidence. What I learned is already paying off, and will continue to guide my career path. I highly recommend the program for anyone who knows a better career is out there, but doesn’t yet know how to make it happen.

Janiva Cifuentes-Hiss

Let’s grow together.

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